12Ghosts Notepad

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 Shareware Windows Notepad alternative with font support

 Author:   12Ghosts, Inc.
 Homepage: http://12ghosts.com/ghosts/notepad.htm
 Family:   NotepadReplacement
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Shareware

"Easy to use editor to keep notes and infos. Provides unlimited text size, font formatting, and a multi-page-bar. Additionally, it offers innovative automation (optional): Auto-Save after each change, copy on selection, auto-scrolling at the end of the screen, and close automatically when you click outside 12-NotePad (optional). Link detection and in-place-calculation help you to work faster. With bookmarks within a page, a page bar displaying a list of recent pages, and because it opens the same page at the same position where you left typing, this will quickly become your editor of choice."


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