ACE (MS-Dos)

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ACE - Text editor for MS-Dos (1985)

 Author:    Patrick Bennett
 Family:    MsDosEditors
 License:   Shareware
 Availability: yes
 Platform:  MSDOS

This version (1.24) of ACE, depending on how much memory you have, has a maximum buffer of 62K with a maximum of 3000 lines. The more memory you have the larger the buffer is. You can find out how large a buffer you have, by going to the files menu and selecting sTatus. It will show you the length of your file, and the space left. Make sure you do not go past the buffer length, if you do the results could be fatal.

The author announces some updates for a future verion (1.25) which include larger file buffer, editing two files at once, wildcard find/replace, comment align.

If you find a link to a newer copy, please include it above.

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