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 Enhanced version of DEC EVE editor

 Author:   Arthur Ragosta
 Family:   DecFamily
 Platform: VMS
 License:  Open source

According to DECUS...


ADAM is the super text editor developed from DEC's EVE editor. Both EVE and ADAM are written in the TPU language (ADAM calls a small amount of FORTRAN and MACRO). ADAM was created to correct weaknesses in EVE. During the course of development many enhancements have been made to increase productivity. One set of routines is specifically to aid in FORTRAN and DCL source code development. The ADAM manual (ADAM.DOC in this directory) lists all features unique to ADAM and those features which behave differently in ADAM than in EVE. The EVE manual remains a major reference for ADAM.

One feature of ADAM that deserves special comment is the HELP MERLIB command of the FRED dialect. This HELP command returns interface information for the ARTA-wide programmer's library (MERLIB). This library is available through ARTA and Encompass as part of the FORTRAN Programming Tools package.

The file ADAMINS.TXT gives full instructions for installing ADAM.

Due to a major change in the way DEC builds EVE, the full source code for ADAM is now included in this directory, EXCEPT FOR THE UNMODIFIED EVE SOURCE CODE (which can be found in SYS$COMMON:[SYSHLP.EXAMPLES]). There are deletions from these files (see documentation).

There remains a small amount of modified EVE code (due to the nature of the BUILD procedure). The changes are described in EVE.CHANGES and are small enough to be correctly reconstituted from the instructions given.

Due to an unfathomable burst of complexity worship by the DEC EVE developers for version II.0 of EVE, it is expected that much improvement is still possible in ADAM. It may take several releases of ADAM before we correct all the "enhancements" made by DEC. Suggestions/comments are always welcome.

Arthur E. Ragosta
MS 219-3
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, Ca. 94035
(415) 694-5578

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