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AE or Andy's Editor is a text editor for OS/2, Linux, and Windows.

 Author:   Andy Key
 Family:   FoldingEditors
 Platform: DOS, OS/2, Windows, NetWare?, Linux (x86, x86_64 and 64-bit big-endian MIPS R3000),
           AIX (Power), HP-UX, SunOS? (Sparc) and Cygwin.
 License:  Open Source

See Also BE, Andy's Binary Editor.

It supports a powerful concept called TextFolding. FoldingEditors should probably be their own category... This is much more powerful than GnuEmacs's OutlineMode? or XEDIT Editor ALL.

Another editor of the same name is "Anthonys Editor" by Anthony Howe. This is a lightweight soft-configurable editor which purports to use the "buffer gap" technique. (Looking at the code I don't think it does, at least not consistently). Look for the "Editor 101/Editor? 102" articles in comp.editors. Find the source by looking for "ae-962".

Source is available for download from a link on the Anthonys Editor page - a Zip file with a readme and three shar archives --DMcCunney 05/04/09


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