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 Freeware clone for many platforms of the Apollo workstation Ce editor

 Author:       Robert Styma
 User's Guide:
 Family:       UnixEditorFamily
 Platform:     Solaris (SPARC and X86), HP/UX,  HP Apollo/Domain? OS, Linux (Redhat 9 and Fedora Core), 
               AIX 4.3, FreeBSD, Sun/SunOS?, DEC Alpha/OSF1, Windows (requires Hummingbird Exceed X Server)
 License:      Freeware

ARPUS/Ce? is an integrated ascii text editor and X based terminal emulator modeled after the editor and terminal emulator on Apollo Domain systems. The ce tool is a robust and extensible programmer's editor. The ceterm tool is meant to be a replacement for vendor-supplied X-based terminal window programs such as IBM's "aixterm", HP's "hpterm", DEC's "decterm", and Sun's "Shell Tool". It is also suitable for use as a PAGER, replacing the UNIX "more" command and supplying an interface which models the Apollo Domain systems. The general reaction of former Apollo users to ARPUS/Ce? is "Yes, this is what I was looking for."

The Ce editor is written as a standard X application. This makes the program portable. This portability is evidenced by the number of platforms Ce is available on. It's performance makes it one of the fastest products available. It is also easy to customize, making it useful for both the novice and expert user.


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