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 Freeware windows text editor with large file support 

 Author:   Alexei Korennykh
 Homepage: http://netcpp.com/AYATE.htm
 Family:   NotepadReplacement
 Platform: Windowes with .NET framework
 License:  Freeware

AYATE is a very simple text editor and encoding converter that may replace the Notepad as a default text editor.

The big advantage of AYATE is the ability to open and work with large files, >20MB in size.

A simple benchmarking for opening 23.1MB txt file:

AYATE - 12 seconds after which the text is scrollable to the bottom and editable in real time with no stutter. Notepad - after 600 seconds the txt file is not yet opened.

The program can read virtually any encoding and serve for encoding conversions. The encoding menu sets the file read/write encoding: open file with one encoding selected, change the encoding and save the file. Moreover, you can add any encoding not in the list manually according to your needs.


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