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 Adie is an extremely fast and convenient programming text editor written using the FOX Toolkit.

 Author:      Jeroen van der Zijp
 Homepage: (It's back - 01/21/10 --DMcCunney)
 Syntax File:
 Man Page:
 Family:      MicrosoftWindowsEditors LinuxEditorFamily
 Platform:    Windows, Linux
 License:     Open source

Besides being a nice text editor, Adie is also an extremely convenient file viewer, supporting a plethora of methods to move from one file to the next. For each visited file, Adie remembers where in that file you were last looking, and which special places in that file have been bookmarked, so you can quickly return to frequently visited places. Project browsing is made easy by optionally displaying a File/Directory? browser side by side with the text so files may be visited by means of a single click. Files may also be opened simply by highlighting a file name, compiler warning message, or #include directive and hitting a single button; Adie will search for the file in the same directory as an already loaded file, or in a number of predefined directories (like for example include directories).

General Features

File Access Features

Editing Features

Syntax Coloring Features.

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