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 Freeware multi-document editor for OS/2 with code analysis features 

 Author:    Lionel de Lambert - IBM United Kingdom Laboratories Ltd.
 Family:    OS/2EditorFamily
 Platform:  OS/2
 License:   Freeware

This is a simple 32-bit, configurable, multi-document, highlighting editor version of the alpha software analysis programmes which were written together with the CMS programme ANALYSE in order to establish the praecognita for the CICS restructure project and may be of interest to those people who examine 370, 386 assembler, PASCAL(Ada), PL/X(PL/I, REXX), C(C++), FORTRAN etc. under OS/2 V2.0 or later.

This programme will provide basic browse and edit functions for all files with arbitrarily long records, {records >= 256 will be split for display and rejoined when saved} as well as highlighting specified keywords for language files such as 370 & 386 Assemble, PASCAL, PL/AS, C(CPP), FORTRAN etc. ALPHA will also display the programme call structure, and expand the procedure calls in a secondary window.

Highlighting of keywords has been provided for the following language types :- A37, ASM, PAS,(PLS, PLX, PLI), (C, CPP, H), FOR, IPF.PRF [Other languages may be defined].


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