Android Web Editor

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 Web editor for Android

 Author:   Black Overlord Soft
 Family:   AndroidEditorFamily
 Platform: Android
 License:  Freeware and Shareware versions

Android Web Editor Lite - a unique mobile software for web developing. It allows you to create your own html, php, javascript and other pages or edit already existing. You can preview them in web browser via our web-server or in biult-in quick view unit. Also you can manage, upload and download files through the FTP as well as managing your local files and folders. Supports all types of web files.

Features: - Code highlighting; - Work with your FTP server; - Work with files in your smartphone; - Line numbering; - Hot tags-button; - Quick preview of your page; - Highlighting the current line; - layer of Custom buttons( you can create you own hot-keys) - Search by code. NEW - Changes set of hot keys through the siding on the main screen.NEW - Running your code on our server; (You can debug your php code!) // Sorry, but only in PRO version - Encoding choice.NEW // Only in PRO. - AUTO Encoding choice. NEW // Only in PRO. - Undo/redo. NEW // Only in PRO.

PRO version is here -

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