Antenna House XML Editor

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 Commercial validating XML editor

 Author:   Antenna House 
 Family:   XMLEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Commercial

Antenna House XML Editor V3.2 combines two tools. One is XML Editor, an editor required to edit XML documents. It makes easier to edit structural XML document by displaying each element in the tree. Easy-to-use functions such as a quick menu and a input assist tool also helps strongly for editing your document. Moreover, view mode can be switched for the need such as making XML document with the text display. Table editor that makes and edits table easily is equipped with. Just like the operation of the spreadsheet, the table can be inserted into the document and an existing table can be edited. It is also possible to take the table of MS-Excel file in the editing document.

The other is XML Parser, a parser application. It is Antenna House originality development and verifies if the XML document and DTD under the edit is correct by comparing with the XML specification. The operation option of correspondence to the object file and the name space etc. can be set, and the document can be checked by an easy operation.


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