Anthonys Editor

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 Simple editor intended to to demonstrate buffer gap design.  Posted in source form to comp.editors periodically.

 Author:   Anthony Howe, MKS Systems
 Family:   EmacsFamily, FoldingEditors
 Platform: Unix, IBM PC, Atari ST (requires curses)
 License:  Open source

Download is a Zip file containing a readme and three shar archives, originally posted to alt.sources in January 1993

"Please note that Andy's Editor is NOT the same as Anthony's Editor which has been posted here several times in the last year and won "Best utility" in the 1991 International Obfuscated C Code Contest.

Anthony's Editor is NOT a folding editor. It's principle purpose for its continued existance (other than being a contest winner) is that it is ment to be "a simple editor" suitable for

        o  tutorials on the Buffer Gap Scheme and/or editor design,
        o  a basis for an editor that can be built into a project,
        o  an editor for novice users.

Also note that the editor "ARI" is a Japanesse language editor that was initially based on Anthony's Editor. Anthony's Editor runs on System V, BSD, POSIX, DOS, and Atari ST machines. Anthony's Editor has also been refered to as AE (when in VI style and EA when in EMACS style). Anthony's Editor also appears in the Craig Finseth's EMACS implementation list.

I just thought I would distinguish Anthony's Editor from Andy's Editor in order to avoid any confusion in the near or distant future.

Anthony C Howe"

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