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 Binary Editor and Viewer

 Author:   Peter Reilley 
 Family:   AmigaEditorFamily MsDosEditors OS/2EditorFamily
 Platform: AIX, AmigaDOS, BSD, Linux, MS-DOS, OS/2 UNIX ULTRIX
 License:  Open Source

BEAV (Binary Editor And Viewer), is a full featured binary file editor. Just about any operation that you could want to do to a binary file is possible with BEAV. You can insert or delete in the middle of a file thereby changing it's size. You can edit multiple files in multiple windows and cut and paste between them. You can display and edit data in hex, octal, decimal, binary, ascii, or ebcdic formats. You can display data in byte, word, or long word formats in either Intel or Motorola byte ordering. You can send the formatted display mode to a file or printer.


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