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 BlackBeard (and later CaptainBlackBeard) was a powerful TextEditor for the IBMPC running PCDOS/MSDOS.

 Author:   James K. Powers
 Homepage:   (last known) (404, alas.)
 Download: Blackbeard and Captain Blackbeard MS-DOS
 Alternative: for both BB and CB
 Family:   MsDosEditors OS/2EditorFamily
 License:  Commercial
 Platform: MSDOS, Windows, OS/2

Written by James K. Powers in San Bernadino, CA.

In particular, it had features such as:

From what I can gather, the Blackbeard Editor was once bundled with the Lahey's "Personal Fortran" package. Check out this ["blackbeard+editor"+Lahey+Fortran Google search] to confirm it. The home page for Lahey Computer Systems is - they still sell a variety of Fortran IDE's, though now for Windows XP and Linux. -- EricPement

Review: (by RonPerrella)

Personally, I used BlackBeard a number of years in college to produce documentation for programs as well as the programs themselves. BlackBeard has a very cool ASCII line-drawing capability which allows you to draw diagrams into your text files by using the IBM-PC character-set. Though this might seem primitive by modern standards, it made documents seems pretty cool at the time.

Blackbeard was small and fast. It also has a formatting tool to allow you to markup text files and generate good looking documents.

All in all, a solid tool. It never crashed and had loads of power. If it was available with support today, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Version 7.46 is very dependent on a fixed screen size (80x25) and is not happy when run within an odd-sized window under Windows XP (e.g., 88 cols x 40 lines). It also exited when I tried to read a small file with lines longer than 255 characters in it. It may work great with lines that aren't too long, but it won't handle any lines even 280 characters in length. Ouch! Give me TDE any day. -- EricPement

Wow! You know, I always used it in MsDos so it never had to operate in the anything other than 80x25 and 80x50. Thanks for the feedback, Eric! RonPerrella

There was even rumored to be a Windows compatible version coming out Real Soon.

Don't forget that Blackbeard was able to be used a a TSR (sadly captain black beard lacked this due to changes in DOS 6), used it for years when managing DOS and Win 3.1x systems because I could just pop it up with ALT-. It was the most fantastic editor even compared with those of today. Simple stuff like column cut and paste were standard, multiple windows, different colour schemes for each window. You could open the cut/paste buffer in a window.

I am not sure if this is true, however in those days you sent a check to pay for black beard and I received my check back saying the author was deceased.

Confirming Blackbeard and a printed manual for it came with Lahey Personal Fortran. I believe Blackbeard had been previously available as shareware.

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