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Open source MS-DOS editor with Unicode support

 Author:        Laacovy Stránky
 Family:        MsDosEditors
 Platform:      MS-DOS
 License:       Open source
 Location:      Czech Republic
 Works in DOS:  Yes

"Bloček - the World`s only DOS editor with Unicode support!

Bloček has two work modes. Unicode UTF-8 and non-unicode.

Important thing is that in unicode mode are used unicode fonts which can contain up to 65536 glyphs. In non-unicode are used ASCII fonts in format .FN or .CH or fonts from your VGA card. The default setting for non-unicode mode is VGA 8x16 font. Due this it depends on language setting of your DOS environment. (If you f.e. try to load russian ASCII text when your DOS is set to polish you will see only some senseless chars on the screen.) So you can use some font from disc which contains symbols from your text or you can use the unicode mode."

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