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 Brief was a very popular text editor in the 80's and 90's on PCs. No longer available.

 Author:   Underware (DavidNanian? and MichaelStrickman?)
 Homepage: none
 Family:   BriefFamily MsDosEditors
 Platform: MsDos
 License:  Commercial

So popular that we believe that a BriefFamily of TextEditors exists.

Spells Brief. Incidentally, it was produced by UnderWare?. Note that boxer is a play on the same word game. (hint: what kind of brief?)

Brief was also extensible using a macro language. Earlier versions of Brief implemented a LISP like language. Later releases added a macro language that resembled C.

It was last purchased by Borland, whose computer museum claims they will someday release the code for it.

Lots of fans would like that. Brief clones exist.


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