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 The simple unix text editor

 Author:   Charles Henrich (creator), Joe Morris (maintainer)
 Homepage: http://jolomo.net/ce/
 Family:   UnixEditorFamily
 Platform: Sun Sparc, NeXT?, Convex, Linux x86, AIX, AT&T 3b2, POSIX
 License:  Open Source

CE will allow new-comers to unix and those who aren't technically minded, or those who just dont want to have to learn one of the initially user unfriendly editors that are commonly found in a unix environment. (i.e. vi and emacs) Quite simply, the design goal was to have just about any computerphobic person using CE in the shortest amount of time possible, with the smallest amount of documentation possible. The goal was to have people using it in under 20 minutes.

FEATURES: CE can't have many features one might think, being simple and all, and it's true. CE in comparison to emacs or vi has just about no features but it has enough to allow decent text editing for the average joe.

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