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 Full screen editor for Intel MDS  

 Author:   Intel Corp.
 Family:   IntelFamily
 Platform: Intel ISIS-II
 License:  Commercial

CREDIT (CRT EDITor) was an early full screen editor that was hosted on the Intel Intellect Series Microprocessor Development Systems (MDS). These are sometime referred to as the "Intel Blue Boxes".

These development systems used at times Intel 8008, 8080, and 8085 processors, hosted the ISIS-II operating system, and supported editors, cross assemblers, cross compilers, linkers, PROM programmers, and in-circuit emulation tools for all of the Intel products of the time. See

These were in use from the middle 1970s to the middle 1980s. These tools were used to create CP/M.

Binaries of Credit have been archived on Bitsavers. An image of an 8 inch single density floppy disk that contains CREDIT is available from

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