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 Coda is a programmer's editor and debugger for JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, and XML.

 Author:   Northgate Information Systems
 Family:   HTMLEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Freeware for the stand-alone Coda editor.  
           Commercial for the Concerto Web Development environment it is included in.

Coda is available at no charge as a standalone tool, but is intended to integrate into Concerto, by Xoology. From the web site:

Whilst other editors only feature keyword highlighting during coding (highlighting a keyword rather than telling you if it is correctly used in context), Coda uses colour alerts to highlight incomplete/invalid code as you type.

Coda will highlight mistakes as small but vitally important as a missing bracket within a long and deeply nested series of 'if' statements.

Coda's colour coding recognises the difference between incomplete and invalid code allowing you to easily differentiate between genuine errors and work in progress.

Coda as a debugger

When examining Concerto pages with Coda, you can switch straight into debugging mode. As a debugger Coda is the premier tool for diagnosing and resolving application coding problems in the most efficient manner possible.

The debugger provides you with a graphical view of the internals of the application under development allowing you to play, pause and step through your application whilst examining the state of variables and systems resources.

 Screen shot:

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