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 Powerful text editor for Windows. Now a Borland Product 

 Author:   Borland
 Family:   BriefFamily
 License:  Commercial
 Availability: No
 Platform: Windows

Unfortunately, Borland has decided to [discontinue CodeWright].

CodeWright supports the following Macro Languages: appBASIC, PERL 5.x, internal API (C-like). Also supports keystroke macros (recordings) ala BRIEF. Considered the premiere Windows editor, especially for programmers (see ).

I tend to think VisualSlickEdit is hard to beat.
Well well. Thanks Eric. It seems Borland has successfully killed Two major TextEditors: Brief and CodeWright.
Three, actually - they acquired Mark of the Unicorn's Final Word, which began as MINCE (Mince Is Not Complete Emacs) under CP/M, and offered it for a while as Borland Sprint. DMcCunney 03/03/07
Thankfully, CodeWright ver 7.5 is still available from Embarcadero []. And many of the 'extensions' are also still available at Pingbot [1]

Let me state up front that I have been a fan of CodeWright since the days when it was a Starbase product, so I may be a bit biased. Beyond the 'macro support' listed above, it has a lot of great features for programmers especially:

But the feature that I like most (and have never found in another editor) is the ability to mark, cut, copy, past and insert as 'columns' or 'blocks' ... ignoring 'line breaks'. That is an AWESOME ability especially when you are working with code, and assembly most of all. But I have to say that I use it a lot outside of programming.

MikeD? 6/6/2015

JOE (Joe's Own Editor, now hosted as joe-editor on sourceforge) has a block-mode which might work for you. In the jstar variant, it's reached with ^OX toggle (stream/rectangular); you can reassign that (and every other keybinding) by editing the rc.

crb3 26sep16

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