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 A folding text editor for Linux and Windows

 Author:   Marc Kerbiquet  
 Family:   FoldingEditors LinuxEditorFamily
 Platform: Linux, Windows
 License:  Open Source

In Code Browser, folded sections in a text file are called 'folders' because of similiarities with filesystem folders. See the Introduction for more information. Links help navigation between files, they are a natural extension to folders: a link is an headline that references another folder in the same or another text file. These comment lines are display with a different font and color in the text but without the comment makers. It gives the source code a literate programming look. Several files can be loaded simultaneously, but in addition, several windows can be opened on the same file. This feature is very important with the folding system: It allows viewing or editing another part of your current working file; you just have to reopen a new window on it.


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