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 Author:    Gulf Coastal Software
 Family:    MicrosoftWindowsEditors
 License:   freeware
 Availability: yes
 Platform:  Windows

Columnizer is a special program for working with column and row data.

Features: Attempt to realign HTML; Insert into a column of data; Insert a column of data; ;Copy a column of data; Retain / Delete a column of data; Replace data within a column; Insert spread sheet separation character; Insert a row; Delete a row of data; Delete blank lines; Retain / Delete lines per data; Insert lines per data; Insert a carrage control; Vertical column concatenation; Insert incrementing letters; Replace line per data; Horizontal column concatenation; Append lines per data; Retain / Delete starting at specified data; Insert data within line Before / After specified data; Replace data with a top-down data list; Align all data into columns; Shuffle data; Find and mark duplicate lines; Replace with special characters; Insert incrementing numbers; Delete leading / trailing blanks; Format for ReadMe?; Special Routines; Sort Ascending / Descending and Reverse order; Convert data to Courier font; Total a specified column; Break up file records; Replace any character within a file.


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