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 Configureable syntax highlighting text editor

 Author:    Eden Kirin (See Updates below)
 Homepage:  The new site is:
 Family:    MicrosoftWindowsEditors
 License:   Freeware
 Platform:  Windows

ConTEXT is a programmer's editor for Windows. Has SyntaxHighlighting, bookmarks, macro recording, and other features.

The syntax highlighting is flexible enough that it can accommodate new programming or scripting languages, and the web site offers downloads for dozens of highlighting files for obscure languages. Still in active development.

The software is available as freeware, but the source code is not available.


Update: From the developer's website

Friday, 07 September 2007

Due to various engagements which cause lack of my full attention and continuous further development of the ConTEXT project, I'm officially announcing that the ConTEXT project is offered FOR SALE and starting the bid.

Saturday, December 29th 2007

In December 2007 the ConTEXT project was handed over to David Hadley. ConTEXT will remain to be a freeware text editor and development of the project will continue.

In the upcoming months, changes will be made in the following areas:

  1. Website Development : FAQ - Forums - Support
  2. Improved Accessibility : Speed - Useability
  3. Feedback Review : Implementing Ideas/Suggestions? from the people that count
  4. ConTEXT Development : Improving/Adding? features as requested

The ConTEXT Team would like to wish everyone a happy season!

From the ConTEXT web site:

Sunday 25th September 2011 ConTEXT has not been developed for a long while. This is because ConTEXT was originally written using Delphi which requires a licence for users to develop with the components used.


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