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Cooledit is a full-featured multiple-window text editor with interactive graphical debugger, anti-aliased fonts, compiler interface, syntax highlighting for a wide variety of programming languages, UTF-8/UCS/Unicode? support, Python extensibility, and many more features.

 Author:   Paul Sheer
 Family:   UnixEditorFamily
 Platform: X-Windows
 License:  GPL

It runs under the X Window System, version 11, which means it runs under Unix, not Microsoft Windows.

Cooledit is small and fast, and was written by [Paul Sheer]. It is licensed under the GNU GPL (General Public License), which means you can also get the source code to cooledit. In fact that's the only way to get cooledit: you download the source code and compile, since he does not provide precompiled executables.

From the description by the author:

This is a portable, fast X Window text editor with beautiful 3D widgets. It requires only the X11 library to run. The engine is the same as that used for the internal editor of the Midnight Commander and hence cooledit represents a X Window version of that editor. The library that comes with Cooledit is now standalone. You can use it to write your own Cool applications. Check out the included programs Coolman and Smalledit.

cooledit has no relationship with the Adobe Product called [Cool Edit Pro], which has been renamed to Adobe Audition.


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