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Cream is Bram Moolenaar's Vim editor, repackaged and configured to be CUA compliant and ease the learning curve.

 Author:   Steve Hall
 Family:   ViFamily
 Platform: BSD, Linux, Windows
 License:  Open source

  1. Runs on Windows 95-XP, and on all GNU/Linux? and BSD platforms.
  2. Edits Microsoft, Unix and Apple format text documents.
  3. Supports editing of very large files, size is limited by diskspace.
  4. Encoding support for 38 varieties of 8-bit, 2-byte, and Unicode.
  5. A single editing mode. (Cream does not use Vim's modal editing unless turned on from the Preferences menu.)
  6. Tabbed document interface as seen in this screenshot.
  7. Have multiple documents open at a time (Alt+W, listed in the Window menu)
  8. User-selected font, window size/position and most other settings are retained and restored automatically.
  9. Each edited file retains its last view.
  10. Simple, intuitive keyboard shortcuts to move around and select text. Arrow keys, Page Up/Down?, Home and End keys move the cursor and adding the Shift key selects text.
  11. Standard and intuitive menus. All functionality is available through pull down menus which indicate available keyboard shortcuts.
  12. Syntax highlighting makes reading code easier for more than 350 programming languages, or can be turned off.
  13. Intuitive status line can be toggled off, however by default it indicates considerable information unobtrusively:

And a good deal more...


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