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 IBM word processor for dedicated machines and mainframes

 Author:   IBM Corp.
 Homepage: http://www.ibm.com
 Family:   WordProcessorFamily
 Platform: Mainframe, dedicated
 License:  Commercial

One of IBM's WordProcessors. Once available on both Mainframe and PCs, it is now only available on Mainframes and is called DisplayWrite/370.

Combined with a system called Script or DCF allowed for the creation of really cool documents.

There was an associated capability called DCA (Document Content Architect). Not sure if it was Open or not. Nobody else seems to have adopted it.


The feature set of DisplayWrite was taken from the DisplayWriter?, a dedicated word processor IBM sold back before the PC took over the world. The DisplayWriter? used an 8086 CPU, green mono monitor and detached keyboard. Storage was a pair of 8" floppy drives. The DisplayWriter? used the UCSD P-System as the OS, and loaded the P-System and DisplayWriter? code from floppy.

DCA is actually Document Content Architecture, an early IBM effort to define standards for documents and document processing. Like other IBM standards efforts such as SNA and Token Ring networking, it never really gained ground outside of IBM. --DMcCunney

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