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 A simple open source text editor, running in a browser

 Author:   Oliver Moran
 Homepage: http://code.nth-iteration.ie/earea/index.html
 Family:   WebHostedEditors
 Platform: Runs in browser
 License:  Open source

Area is a really simple web-based WYSIWYG text editor. It works with all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox/Mozila?/Camino?/Netscape, Konqueror/Safari? and Opera. It even with OS X Dashboard widgets!

With a short snippet of HTML you can insert eArea onto any webpage and fully customise it for your site. You can even have as many eAreas as you like on a page and customise them all independently. If eArea comes across a browser it doesn't support (like older versions of Opera), it will display an ordinary <textarea> instead, but its appearance will still be as you defined.

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Last edited October 22, 2009 7:45 am (diff)