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Commonly used name for an operating system's built-in text editor.

The text editor below is yet another.

 A command line editor similar to ecce

 Author:  Tony Gibbons.
 Family:  LineEditorFamily EdinburghFamily
 License: Commercial

Edinburgh Regional Computer Center and Edinburgh Computer Science Department were located about 20 yards from each other but could have been worlds apart; both organizations loved to write every tool they used from scratch in their own way. The imaginatively-named EDIT was the ERCC's command-line editor, in competition to the EUCSD's ECCE. EDIT was slightly less programmable (no conditionals as far as I remember) and internally used a linked list instead of ECCE's use of the well-known "buffer gap" structure, but otherwise they were very similar, both having been written in a climate that had been exposed to an earlier editor, EDIT4 by Alan Freeman.

EDIT was written in IMP in the early 70's and manually translated into C around 1980. Sources of both versions are available at the Edinburgh Computer History Project's web site.

EDIT was primarily written by Tony Gibbons.

There are undoubtedly MANY other editors all called EDIT. I'm sure they'll be added here eventually. The ERCC's EDIT had no alternative name that I am aware of.

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