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 Programmer's editor for CP/M systems

 Author:   TCI
 Family:   CPMEditorFamily
 Platform: CP/M
 License:  Freeware/Shareware? (v1.x was a freeware demo version, to spur purchases of the shareware 2.0 release)

"The EXPRESS 1.0 full screen editor on this disk is NOT A TOY. It is a full featured screen editor with all the commands the 'big boys' have, plus several unique features that make it a must on everybody's system disk.


Just to get your attention in the first 100 words: EXPRESS includes a built in macro key translator and editor for reducing long tedious operations to a single key. Macro definitions can be saved to a disk file for later use.

EXPRESS also can access files in any user area (can your current editor be executed from A12: to edit a file in B2: and include into the text a file from A15:???) Other features include a built in DIR command that shows disk capacity and file sizes (of files in any user area, of course), a built in TYPE command (that TYPEs files in any user area, get the picture?)

EXPRESS can be installed on any CP/M 2.2 system with at least 48k of memory and a terminal with direct cursor addressing. Installation for different systems is as simple as picking a name from a menu (or adding your own entry to the menu if you have something really obscure.)

EXPRESS is not a word processor; it was not written for secretaries (although they could grow just as fond of it if given the chance). EXPRESS was written BY programmers FOR programmers and it shows. Extra effort was taken to assure fast operation, efficient use of memory, flexibility, configurablity, and of course power."

Note: ARK files are the C/PM name for ARC files. Rename to .ARC and a current archiver should be able to open it.

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