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e is a Collaborative Text Editor for Windows

 Author:   e-texteditor
 Homepage: https://github.com/etexteditor/e
 Family:   IDEFamily
 Platform: Windows 
 License:  BSD License (Open source as of 04/03/09  Linux version free, Windows shareware)

Development has ceased, and the last update on github is 3 years old

The primary goal of e has been to explore what would be possible if revision control was an integrated part of the editing experience. Giving you live revision history and making collaboration effortless (even when people work asynchronously).


Obviously it also has all the features you expect of a modern text editor:

The e texteditor now support TextMate bundles. See: http://e-texteditor.com/blog/2006/textmate_on_windows
The name "E" has been used for other text editors. The most notable of these E editors, perhaps, was initially distributed in 1984 from IBM's Research Division. Designed and written by ClarkMaurer?, who also originated the award winning and widely used SlickEdit programmers editor, E was a fast and flexible text editor that was initially most notable for handling very large files in DOS extended memory. Subsequent versions of E, including E2, E3, EOS2?, and [OS/2 Enhanced Editor]? included a powerful REXX?-like programming language that was used to develop early versions of syntax-directed editing, a capability that SlickEdit continues to be acclaimed for. If you liked that various members of the E editor family, you might want to try SlickEdit or other editors in the IbmEditorFamily, like X2 or PE. [e] is also the name of the minimalistest text editor.

Another E was actually Ecce, but was known as E because the early operating systems on which it ran generally used single-letter commands (like D for Delete, C for Compile, E for Edit, etc).

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