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 Java based editor control for running in a browser 

 Author:   RealObjects? 
 Homepage: http://www.realobjects.com/edit-on-Pro.435+M5ef5d456137.0.html
 Family:   HexEditorFamily
 Platform: Sun Java Virtual Machine
 License:  Commercial

RealObjects? edit-on Pro is a cross-platform WYSIWYG XHTML/XML editor as a Java applet, allowing individuals and teams to update, create, and publish Web content within Content Management, Knowledge Management, e-Learning or other Web-based systems.

The editor has an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface which provides word processor-like and XML editor-like features to web based applications, empowering non-technical users to become content contributors without knowing HTML, XML or other cryptic markup languages.

It guarantees XHTML compliance of the contents created or pasted from other applications by validation. Thus corporate site standards for style, layout and code can uncompromisingly be enforced. The valid XHTML output assures portability, compatibility and interoperability. For example, content can easily be parsed and automatically be transformed using XSLT.


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