Editing MACroS

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 Editing MACroS

 Author:   Richard M. Stallman
 History:  http://ned.rubyforge.org/doc/87-1-emacs.txt
 Family:   EarlyEditorFamily EmacsFamily DecFamily
 Platform: ITS TECO
 License:  Open Source

The original Emacs editor by RMS, implemented as a set of macros in the TECO (Text Editor and COrrector) language available on ITS (Incompatible Timesharing System) at MIT's AI Laboratory.

An assortment of TECO macro packages had been created making use of Control-R mode in ITS TECO, which permitted interactive use. Notable packages included TECMAC by John Culp, MODE by Robert Baron, [ZED] by Vaughan Pratt, MACROS by RBR, and TMACS macro sets by Guy Steele, Dave Moon, Richard Greenblatt, Charles Frankston, et al. RMS and Guy Steele (mostly RMS) merged and regularized these under a comprehensive design, and the result became emacs.

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