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 A tiny fullscreen, open source text editor written in C.

 Author:       Yijun Ding
 Homepage:     TBD
 Family:       TinyEditors
 Download: (C source)
 License:      open source
 Availability: Yes
 Platform:     MSDOS, Windows, Linux/Unix?, other: C compiler and curses.

From the documentation:

EE (Easy Editor)

There are many ASCII editors around, but I still find that I use my editor most often. Taking EMACS (one of the best) as an example, it is too slow to load when I am running TeX; too many different versions even within an operating system; too many commands to remember, but still don't have the ones you want.

EE is public domain with source code. It has all of basic editing functions like search/replace, block delete/paste, word wrap/paragraph fill etc. It is small enough to maintain when you have a new OS, or just changed your taste of style. Compromises have to be made to make EE small and useful including the followings:

Of course, you can always change it if it doesn't fit your situation.

Available commands


This is a small, easy to follow text editor written in C. Less than 1100 lines of source code. Terry Loveall's Edx editor is based on ee. As Terry says, "Yijun Ding's logic and simplicity was elegant". The Turbo C compiled version is 20k.

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