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 Open source vi-like editor for many platforms

 Author:   Steve Kirkendall
 Homepage: http://elvis.the-little-red-haired-girl.org/ (Unofficial third-party effort)
 Download: http://elvis.the-little-red-haired-girl.org/gettingelvis/index.html
 Source:   https://github.com/mbert/elvis
 Family:   ViFamily
 License:  Open source
 Platform: Any

What is Elvis?

Elvis - written by Steve Kirkendall is a very powerful vi/ex clone providing a remarkable number of bells and whistles like:

While the first Elvis versions - like the original vi - were developed for Unix systems now ports to many other operating systems have spread. Here's a list of the different environments supported by Elvis and how it looks like:

The Unix (or DOS or Windows or OS/2) console is what most people expect from a vi/ex-like text editor. Elvis also provides an X11 interface for GUI lovers. It is available for Unix systems and OS/2. The OS/2 port is currently being maintained by Martin "Herbert" Dietze, however the VIO user interface and some of the other os specific code had been done by Lee Johnson. WinElvis? is a native Win32 GUI application with menu bar, smart icons etc. It is being maintained by Serge Pirotte. An Elvis port to the Mackintosh is currently in progress. However I do not have any binaries available. The Mac port is being maintained by Alain Mellan.

  Screenshot: (Running in a console.  X11, Windows, and Mac versions are also available)

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