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 An IDE for C language development on Freescale 68hc11 and 68hc12 processors

 Author:   Eric Engler 
 Homepage: http://www.ericengler.com/EmbeddedGNU.aspx (404 - 08/02/09 - DMcCunney)
 Download: http://sites.google.com/site/texteditors/Home/files/egnu110.zip (v.1.0 binary distribution)
 Family:   IDEFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Open Source (Mozilla Public License

EmbeddedGNU IDE

This is my freeware, Open Source, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the GNU C cross-compilers. You must install this gcc compiler for Windows before installing EmbeddedGNU. This IDE only works on Windows but a future version will possibly support linux if there is a demand for it.

EmbeddedGNU supports the C language (not C++), and it will target embedded processors only (can not be used to create programs that run on Windows). At this time I am only supporting the 68hc11 and 68hc12 families of embedded processors.

Here are some of the features of EmbeddedGNU:


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