Environs Editor

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Environs Editor - Text editor designed especially for programmers

 Author:    Create-Tech Corporation
 Download:  http://archives.scovetta.com/pub/simtelnet/msdos/editor/editor/envir130.zip
 Family:    MsDosEditors
 License:   Shareware
 Availability: yes
 Platform:  MSDOS

The Environs text editor designed especially for programmers. File size is limited only by available disk space and the 4.3 gigabyte virtual address space of the editor. In addition to handling extremely large files, the Environs editor is capable of editing binary files without ruining them.

The Environs editor has a powerful search and replace facility that includes tagged regular expression search and replace, global search and replace, and selected text, backwards, case insensitive, and wraparound search options.

An extremely useful feature found in few editors is the ability to work with columns of text, that is, rectangular text selections not necessarily starting at column one of the file. The Environs editor allows cutting, pasting, deleting and moving such selections in insert or replace modes.

Powerful scope-matching feature that makes programmers' work easier. It allows using five ALT keys to jump to:

The Environs editor features faultless, unlimited undo of all editing and scrolling operations.

The Environs editor's File Finder allows effortless navigation of the file system to select and open files.

A number of other utilities are available to ease source code, data, and binary file editing:

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