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 The Folding Text Editor

 Author:    Marko Macek
 Homepage:  http://fte.sourceforge.net/
 Family:    FoldingEditors OS/2EditorFamily MsDosEditors LinuxEditorFamily
 Platforms: OS/2, Win32 console, DOS, Linux console and an X port for many UNIX'es 
 License:   Open source

The home page does not link to files for the latest version. Recent source code, and Windows and Linux compilations, are available at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=943&package_id=941

A recent DOS version is at http://www.student.unimelb.edu.au/denisa/fte.htm

Editor with syntax higlighting, auto-indent, code folding, support for 20+ languages / file formats, directory browsing, function list. Configuration is flexible but weird to use (must edit config files and "compile" them to a binary config file). Some configuration options are accessible via menus.

The interface is Text Oriented though it can be run in a GUI environment (like GUI VIM without toolbars, split windows and with text menus)

note: the concept of compiling into config files was once popular, especially in low memory environments. TSEPro? did this in the past as well. I think that VDE might have also. Confirmation?

(VDE uses a config program that patches the VDE executable. It *does* have a macro compiler. --DMcCunney)


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