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 Open source text editor for the Macitosh

 Author:   Jean-François Moy
 Family:   MacintoshEditorFamily
 Platform: Mac OS/X
 License:  Open source

Fraise is a fork of the once open-source text editor Smultron (now closed-source). It features all the same editing capabilities as Smultron. As the developer Jean-Fraiçois Moy notes on the MacUpdate? page, Fraise is no longer active or being maintained:

I am the developer of Fraise and it has indeed been abandoned. As I stated earlier, improving Fraise would have required a big rewriting of the actual code (what Peter Borg did with Smultron 4.0) and I don't see the point to have two really close softwares (Smultron / Fraise) now that Peter Borg has decided to continue the development.

I understand that Fraise is the open source and free alternative to Smultron, but there is so many free text editors out there nowadays that I think it would not bring too much interest if I developed Fraise further.


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