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 A popular editor on the AmigaDOS and MorphOS platforms. 

 Author:   Dietmar Eilert 
 Download: (Demo)
 Family:   AmigaEditorFamily
 Platform: AmigaDOS
 License:  Commercial

It is very configurable (all menus, all keys, all mice actions, toolbars, context-menus), includes a SpellingChecker?, Thesaurus, and other features like plugins, modes (aka 'Bundles')and many more.

The editor is fully scriptable. In fact, every action the user executes (selecting menu item, hitting key) is communicated to the editor as an internal REXX command. This way complex, user defined macros can be executed.

Plugins allow to extend the editor, making it a full fledged IDE in certain cases. Context sensitive help, auto sensing of phrases, phrase completion, etc.

GoldEd now is developed and marketed as Cubic IDE

(Thanks for this update, I wasn't able to find anything on GoldEd and didn't know it had been reborn. --DMcCunney)

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