Haxial TextEdit

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 Freeware Unicode text editor for Windows and Macintosh

 Author:   Haxial Software 
 Homepage: http://www.haxial.com/products/textedit/ (404 - 12/28/09 DMcCunney)
 Download: http://sites.google.com/site/texteditors/Home/files/Haxial_TextEdit1700-Win.zip (Windows)
           http://sites.google.com/site/texteditors/Home/files/Haxial_TextEdit1700-Mac.sit (Macintosh)
 Family:   UnicodeEditorFamily MacintoshEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows, Mac OS/X
 License:  Freeware
Haxial TextEdit is a simple, fast and free editor for Unicode plain text files (".txt" files). It can also open non-Unicode plain text files. It includes a Find/Replace? function, and a menu for quick access to your favorite documents. It even has an option to encrypt a text file with a password.

Note that plain text files do not support fancy formatting features or font styles etc, and thus neither does TextEdit because the purpose of TextEdit is only to edit PLAIN text files.


 System Requirements


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