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A free and powerful hexadecimal editor written in java

 Author:    flying guy?
 Homepage:  http://flying.guy.chez-alice.fr/HexditorEn.htm
 Family:    HexEditorFamily, JavaBasedEditors
 License:   Open source
 Availability: yes
 Platform:  Sun Java Virtual Machine

It work with any file of up to 9 exa bytes (2^63-1). The memory footprint is very low, less than 32MiB including the java runtime environment, even if you are working with a giant file. The only requirements are a Java Runtime Environment (1.4 or more) and the file Hexditor.jar.

Thanks to the multi threads structure of Hexditor.jar, you can start a search while saving or vis versa. During a save or/and a search, you can continue to navigate through the file for reading, but not of course for writing.

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