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 IBM mainframe full screen editor and interactive debugger for APL

 Author:   Interprocess Systems, Inc. 
 Family:   MainframeEditorFamily
 Platform: MVS, z/OS
 License:  Commercial

The Interactive APL2 Editor (IEDIT) provides extensive full screen editing capabilities and an interactive APL debugger in one software package. The text editing commands, immediate execution capability, and screen format of IEDIT resemble those of the APL124 Extended Editor for VSAPL. Debugging features include "step-through" execution, "jump", and conditional and unconditional breakpoints.

In addition, IEDIT provides convenient block copy and move prefix commands like those available under XEDIT and ISPF. The product offers online HELP, user tailored profiles, plus user definable commands, PF keys, and REXX macros. It allows concurrent editing of multiple functions, operators, or variables (including generalized arrays), and easily accommodates copying lines from one object to another. Users see the editor as a natural part of the APL2 environment because it can be invoked through the normal "del-edit" command, but they are still free to access other editors if desired.

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