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 Freeware tabbed Windows Notepad replacement

 Author:    Versoworks Pty Ltd
 Family:    NotepadReplacement, MicrosoftWindowsEditors
 License:   Freeware
 Availability: yes
 Platform:  Windows

Inedita is a fully featured Notepad replacement with a multi-tabbed interface, designed in order to open numerous documents within the one window. Features a Microsoft Office XP style clipboard viewer which allows you to not only copy and paste them in to a document but also view and edit them. Supports syntax highlighting for C /C++ / Java / Pascal / PHP / HTML / XML / Basic and SQL. You can change its appearance to fit your needs and style. It also offers macro recording and playback, line numbering, clipboard viewer, favorite files list and more.


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Last edited July 24, 2011 11:06 am (diff)