JASSPA MicroEmacs

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 Highly portable Emacs style editor based on MicroEMACS

 Author:   Jon Green, Steven Phillips
 Homepage: http://www.jasspa.com/
 Family:   EmacsFamily
 Platform: AIX, BSD, CentOS?, Cygwin, HP-UX, Irix, Linux, MS-DOS, Windows,
 License:  Gnu Public License
 RefCard:  http://www.jamesie.de/microemacs/me-refcard.pdf (PDF)

An Emacs editor biased towards UNIX users, working across platforms by providing a consistent interface under UNIX, Microsoft Windows '95/'98/NT and DOS operating systems. It is free software (GPL). It uses a subset of full emacs command set. It can emulate the keybindings from Microemacs, GNU Emacs, and even Windows CUA keybindings. It's a much enhanced version of the Daniel Lawrence's original MicroEmacs 3.8 of 1988. It is stressed that although Daniel Lawrence's 3.8 version was used as a base, he has had no involvement in the development of this distribution. To avoid any confusion with the original MicroEmacs, this distribution should be referred to as the JASSPA distribution.


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