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 A multiplatform text editor by John E. Davis.

 Author:       John E. Davis
 Family:       EmacsFamily WordStarFamily
 Platform:     Windows, MS-DOS, VMS, others
 License:      Open Source
 Screenshot:   (See below)

It runs on all manner of UNIX, VMS, DOS, and Windows platforms. It supports WordStarDiamond, EdtKeyboardLayout and EmacsKeyboardLayout as KeyboardLayouts. It also has a built-in C-like MacroLanguage called S-lang.

It also contains a flexible display manager (instead of using UnixCurses?) that seems patterned a bit after the VaxVms? SMG$ libraries.

The home page has source code and links to Windows compilations. A DOS compilation of the latest version is available elsewhere:

Review: (by RonPerrella)

Very nice EmacsFamily TextEditor by John E. Davis. It runs in TextMode on a whole variety of operating systems, thus making it a good choice for people who have to work on a bunch of platforms. Another very nice feature is MouseSupport in the Windows version. That includes supporting the scroll mouse button.

The built-in S language makes it easy to write extensions. The language is a CLikeLanguage? thus making it somewhat familiar to a large audience.

It supports MultiWindow? and MultiBuffer? editing. It also has support for BufferModes? so it has special support for C, Fortran, LaTex, PythonLanguage, and others. You can add your own.

Searching is powerful, with incremental and regular-expression support built-in.

As far as editor emulation is concerned, you'll find that JED supports Emacs keybindings natively with EDT, WordStar, and a mode called IDE mode which emulates Borland's IDE.

In Summary, this is a powerful editor with lots of extensibility built in. You can work effectively in it right away and begin customizing it to your work environment easily.


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