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 Joe's Own Editor - JOE

 Author:       Joe Allen, Marek Grac, Vitezslav Samel
 Download: (MS-DOS v2.2 EXE and C source)
 Family:       EmacsFamily, WordStarFamily, UnixEditorFamily
 Platform:     Unix, Linux, BeOS?, Mac OS/X, DOS, Windows (Cygwin)
 License:      Open source

This is a Unix text editor that has been ported to other platforms. If the user prefers different keymaps and interfaces, JOE has three emulation modes: JSTAR (JOE like WordStar), JMACS (JOE like Emacs), JPICO (JOE like Pico), in addition to native JOE and RJOE (Restricted JOE, edits only files that are entered in the command line). Though a simple editor, it now supports syntax highlighting and Unicode.

Norm Matloff has some good info on how to use Joe.

joe is free software with a GNU general public license, and it is still being developed. Joe is distributed in source form.

 Screenshot:  showing syntax highlighting:

 Screenshot: showing Unicode (multiple language) and multiple-window support:

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