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 Open source IDE for Java developmnt written in Java

 Author:   Gregory Engel
 Homepage: http://jasmineide.sourceforge.net/
 Family:   IDEFamily JavaBasedEditors
 Platform: Sun Java Virtual Machine
 License:  GPL
JasmineIDE is a project that I started while in school. I've had a little time to mess around with it so it's grown over the last year. I've added a debugger (based on Sun's JPDA debugger), and a plugin interface with one plugin that works as a database admin console. It's been tested with HSQL, Postgres, Oracle8i,9i and MySQL? 4.

The editor features syntax highlighting, a class and method browser, project grep and project build. It does the 'click an error and jump to line' maneuver and similarly will jump to an occurace of a match when greping a pile of source files.

Overall it's pretty comfortable to use and it is rather small and lightweight. I run it regularly on a PII 266 laptop with 128 MB of ram and it works ok. (Which I can't say for most of the better known IDE's)

JasmineIDE requires at least version 1.4 of Sun's jdk. It has been tested on 1.5.


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