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 A web-based code editor, modeled on vi

  Author:   InternetConnection.net
  Homepage: http://gpl.internetconnection.net/vi/
  Family:   WebHostedEditors 
  Platform: Runs in browser
  License:  Open Source

jsvi is a vi-clone written in pure javascript and should work in any modern web-browser.

jsvi has a finger-feel of vi, supports many ed/ex commands, is unicode-aware, supports real-time, check-as-you-type spell checking, a small subset of HTML for useful for physical markup of text, and host clipboard integration.

Regarding vi compatibility, jsvi supports almost all vi-keys, and almost all ed/ex (:) commands including :hardcopy, and :g//m0 but noticeably missing are :i and commands that work similar to it, as well as certain register operations.

Regarding vim compatibility, jsvi supports vim's VISUAL and VISUAL-LINE modes for selections, and has support for a few of vim's motion commands, but for the most part, jsvi is a clone of vi and not vim.

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