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Some folks believe the keyboard you use is important. I'm one of them.

Some folks believe they don't -- see MiceMatter and the sam editor.

Many laptop keyboards simply suck. Ways you can suck: Compression, Feel, Feedback, placement.

I like the [IbmModel20] keyboard with a good clicky feel. --RonPerrella

But I hear a lot of talk about the [HappyHacking] keyboards. Any thoughts? has a FrogKeyboard which is a OneHandedKeyboard.

I have 5 HappyHacking keyboards and love them. I use the USB model. It is very nice to have (1) a good quality keyboard that (2) has the Esc and Ctrl keys in the right places and (3) is the _same_ on all of the may systems that I use -- CraigFinseth

Ok, that's a good example of HolyWars -- the ControlKeysvsCapsLock HolyWars.

The [Kinesis Ergo] keyboards are great if you are tired of typing with offset rows.

Some folks like ProgrammableKeyboards.

Another keyboard modeled after IBM Model 20 keyboard - Das Keyboard ( )

It has mechanical key switches and 100% blank keys, and priced at $89.95 !

This site has lots of info on the PC 102 keyboard:

Ok, you gotta read about this one: An architect, named Daryl Fazekas, has invented the GuysKeyboard

It is designed for use by HuntAndPeck typists.

Most of the vowels are in the center of the keyboard.

Space-cadet keyboard

The space-cadet keyboard is a keyboard used on MIT Lisp machines and designed by Tom Knight, which inspired several still-current jargon terms in the field of computer science and influenced the design of Emacs. This device was equipped with no fewer than *seven* modifier keys: four keys for bucky bits ("control", "meta", "hyper", and "super"; the latter two of which were introduced by this keyboard) and three shift keys, called "shift", "top", and "front". Source: "The Lisp keyboards" an overview of the Space-cadet and other famous Lisp keyboards is available here

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