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LEO ''the Leonine Editor with Outlines, an outline oriented text editor that is written in PythonLanguage and works in Linux, Mac and Windows.

 Maintainer:   Edward K. Ream http://webpages.charter.net/edreamleo/index.html
 Homepage:     http://leoeditor.com/
 Family:       OutlinerFamily PythonEditorFamily
 License:      Open source
 Platforms:    Windows, Linux (other unices should be possible), Mac

It has a small but extremely loyal group of users. If you like using outliners, you will probably like LEO.

It supports LiterateProgramming, a concept initially put forward by DonKnuth.


Leo is a power tool for people who want to organize, study and work with data, especially complex data like computer programs, books, web sites and data bases. Superficially, Leo may look like other outlining programs, code folding editors or class browsers, but it most certainly is not.

[People say] Leo is a revolutionary tool, and that Leo is fun to use, even addictive. There is a unique “Leo way” of managing data; the term Leonine describes how people treat data in “the world according to Leo”. Leo definitely takes a bit of work to understand. Leo’s users speak of an “Aha” moment, when they see how these pieces fit together: outline structure is significant everywhere.

Leo is...


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