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 Freeware Unicode word processor

 Author:   Sophist Solutions, Inc.
 Homepage: http://www.sophists.com/Led/LedIt/
 Family:   UnicodeEditorFamily MacintoshEditorFamily UnixEditorFamily WordProcessorFamily
 Platform: Windows, Mac OS/X X-Windows
 License:  Freeware
 Screenshot: (X-Windows)

LedIt! is a free, easy to use, highly reliable, cross-platform, multi-lingual (UNICODE) word processor. It is small, quick, and capable. LedIt! has all the features most people need, without all the clutter and confusion of some word processors.

LedIt! is based on the Led word processor building class library. Also available from Sophist Solutions are LedLineIt! - a programming-oriented text editor, and ActiveLedIt?! - an ActiveX? component word processor

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